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September already!

3 Sep

After a very busy summer of working on my dissertation, I’m back! I can’t believe it’s September already, but there’s still time for lots more blog posts this year about all things ‘animal’!

To start us off, take a look at this story from the RSPCA about a hedgehog who had a very lucky escape after getting trapped in a badminton net. The poor creature was found in a garden in Somerset with the net wound so tightly around him that he was unable to move or feed. Luckily, the hedgehog was found by a member of the public and is now making a full recovery at the RSPCA’s West Hatch Wildlife Centre. He will be released back into the wild when he is well enough.

You can read the full story here: http://news.rspca.org.uk/2013/09/03/hedgehog-in-a-tangle/

What a lucky escape!


Calling all animal charity supporters!

15 Aug

Thank you to all of you who have completed my animal charity dissertation survey so far. I greatly appreciate your help! I still need a few more responses though so if anyone else currently supports an animal charity (either by donating or volunteering) please could you take just a few minutes to fill it in? You’ll be doing me a huge favour!


I’m super busy at the moment but I promise I’ll be back with lots more exciting animal posts in the very near future!

Thanks again!

What to do if you find a fledgling bird

3 Aug

The Blue Cross recently wrote a very helpful blog post which advises us what to do if we find a young bird on its own. The animal charity says it often sees fledgling birds being brought to its hospitals but it is actually better to leave them alone as their parents are often nearby. The parent birds may be off collecting food for their young, and will not return to their offspring until you have left the scene, so hanging around waiting for them to come back is actually doing more harm than good.

Blue Cross suggest that a fledgling’s chance of survival reduces dramatically if it is removed from the wild so we should only intervene if the young bird is in immediate danger e.g. from a prowling cat.

There’s lots more advice to help you decide what to do right here in this blog post, so take a peek here: http://www.bluecross.org.uk/1752-117005/what-to-do-if-you-find-a-fledgling-bird.html

Snake in the grass?

30 Jul

They may not be everyone’s favourite creatures but Britain is home to a number of snakes and the summer months are the time we are most likely to see them. So whether you want to know more about them, or you want to know how to deter them from your garden, the RSPCA have all the information you need.

Check out the following link: http://blogs.rspca.org.uk/insights/2013/07/26/seen-any-snakes-this-summer/#.UfgYXDZwZLM It is a good starter guide to identifying common British snakes and dealing with them carefully without injuring them or yourself. It’s well worth a read!

RSPCA prepare for ‘Black Saturday’

19 Jul

Tomorrow, Saturday 20th July, has been named ‘Black Saturday’ as it is known as the busiest day of the entire year for the RSPCA’s emergency helpline. A call is expected every eight seconds! That is a lot of work for the RSPCA team to deal with!

To help ease the pressure, the animal charity has suggested a few ways which the public can help this Black Saturday:

1. To report a dog trapped in a hot car, call 999. The RSPCA do not have the legal rights to break into a car, so the police need to be there anyway.

2. Check out the RSPCA website or other animal websites if you just have a general question about animal care.

3. Take injured wildlife to your local vet if possible. This is probably the quickest way to get the wildlife the help they need and vets are compensated for their work.

4. If it is an emergency, wait patiently on the emergency line until an advisor is free to take your call. It is worth a little wait to save an animal’s life!

5. Don’t block the emergency line with time-wasting calls, and show some respect for the emergency line advisors who work extremely hard in a pressured environment!

The RSPCA are doing a fantastic job helping animals. Let’s help them through their busiest day!

RSPCA reminds us to bin our litter and help save wildlife

9 Jul

The RSPCA is reminding us all how important it is to not leave our litter lying around as it can be very harmful to wildlife. Any litter such as empty bottles, plastic bags or discarded fishing lines can prove fatal to wildlife if left behind.

This reminder from the RSPCA comes after a young swan had to be rescued this week after it became trapped in an old fishing line. Luckily this time inspectors were on hand to save this little cygnet, but others may not be so fortunate. Fishing lines, elastic bands and other pieces of litter can cause an animal to choke if swallowed, or strangle the creature if caught around its neck.

If we all just take a little bit more care to tidy up after ourselves we can make a huge difference! So please think before you leave your litter lying around- it could save a life!

The Big Wild Sleepout

4 Jul

Here’s one for all you nature lovers out there- the Big Wild Sleepout! This is a nationwide fundraising event which is taking place from 9th- 11th August to raise money for UK wildlife.

Everyone taking part gets to sleep outside in the great outdoors either in your own garden or at one of the RSPB’s special night-themed events around the country. You can camp out in a tent or even build your own little shelter. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll get to spend the night surrounded by all the amazing wildlife which we are lucky enough to have in Britain.

But don’t forget that all the fun is to raise that all-important money for wildlife too. You could get family and friends to sponsor your Big Wild Sleepout, organise a nature treasure hunt or hold a cake sale outside. There are lots more ideas and everything else you need to know about the Big Wild Sleepout right here on the RSPB website: http://www.rspb.org.uk/thingstodo/sleepout/index.aspx

So why not get involved? It’s a great way to raise money for wildlife AND have fun too!