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Pets and Fireworks

2 Nov

Well it’s almost that time of year again when the sky is lit up with fireworks, and while it can be fun for us humans, it can be a scary time for our pets. But don’t fear, the following link from the RSPCA includes lots of good advice to keep your pets calm this firework season: http://www.rspca.org.uk/allaboutanimals/pets/general/fireworks

Top tips include:
1) Provide a safe place to hide e.g. make a little den under furniture
2) Walk dogs during daylight hours before the fireworks start going off
3) Make sure your pet is microchipped so if they get spooked and run away they can be returned to you
4) Stay calm and don’t fuss over your pet too much as this can add to their sense that something is wrong

There is some really good advice from the RSPCA so please take a look. Enjoy the fireworks but make sure you and your pets stay safe!


Take care this Bonfire Night

5 Nov

Well, the 5th November is here already so this is a little reminder of a few things to remember if you’re celebrating Bonfire Night this year.

First of all, remember to keep yourselves and your pets safe from fireworks. You can refer back to my post on pets and fireworks from the 25th October for advice on how to keep animals safe and calm. Loud fireworks can be very stressful for animals so try to stay with them if possible and distract them with toys and treats. You can also buy plug-in air adaptors to keep cats and dogs calm.

Please also remember to check underneath bonfires for hedgehogs before lighting. The mound of sticks and leaves on a bonfire make a perfect place for a hedgehog to build a nest, so make sure you check thoroughly for any hidden hedgehogs!

Finally, enjoy Bonfire Night! It’s a wonderful sight to see fireworks exploding across the sky, as long as you stay safe!

Fireworks and pets

25 Oct

As Bonfire Night fast approaches, pet experts are encouraging owners to prepare their pets for the firework season. Animals can become very stressed and frightened when they can hear fireworks going off around them. Each pet will react differently when they are scared, however common symptoms include hiding behind furniture, trying to run away, constantly trying to follow their owner, shaking, trembling, loss of appetite and soiling the house.

If you are worried about how your pet will react with this year’s fireworks, it is best to start creating a calming environment for them now so they will feel secure when the 5th November comes around. Here are a few ideas to help your pet deal with fireworks:

  • Create a little den for your pet where they will feel safe e.g behind a sofa or under a table. Setting this up now will ensure that they feel secure in this place by Bonfire Night
  • Try plug-in air adaptors such as Adaptil and Feliway which help dogs and cats to relax
  • If possible don’t leave your pets alone when there are fireworks going off outside
  • Stay calm as your pet will feel less stressed if they can sense that you are relaxed
  • Toys , food, treats and comfortable bedding will help to take your pets mind off what is going on outside
  • Try to walk your dog before it gets dark and the fireworks start
  • Make sure all windows and doors are shut (you may also want to block cat flaps to stop cats going outside in case they become injured by fireworks)

Preparing now will help to make your pet feel much more secure by the time Bonfire Night arrives. Remember also that fireworks are not only set off on that one night, people often set them off  before or after 5th November so being prepared is essential.