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Calling all animal charity supporters!

15 Aug

Thank you to all of you who have completed my animal charity dissertation survey so far. I greatly appreciate your help! I still need a few more responses though so if anyone else currently supports an animal charity (either by donating or volunteering) please could you take just a few minutes to fill it in? You’ll be doing me a huge favour!


I’m super busy at the moment but I promise I’ll be back with lots more exciting animal posts in the very near future!

Thanks again!


Survey Time!

10 Aug

I’ve reached the final hurdle of my dissertation research and I need your help! I’ve put together a short online survey aimed at people who currently support an animal charity either by donating money or volunteering. The survey questions are all about the ways which animal charities communicate with their supporters and which of these tactics are most effective.

I need at least 200 responses so I’m hoping all you lovely bloggers will help me out! It only takes a few minutes to complete and you’ll be doing me a huge favour!

You can find my survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/P65WWMF

Thanking you in advance đŸ™‚

Dissertation time

23 Jun

Some of you who are regular visitors to my blog may know that I’m currently studying an MA in Media and Public Relations with the hope of working for an animal charity one day. The last hurdle to completing my degree is a dissertation- and that’s where I need your help!

Throughout June, July and August I will be researching the public relations strategies used by different animal charities and which ones work best. There are two ways in which I’m hoping people will help:

1) Next month I’ll be posting a short survey and it would be great if you guys could fill it in as I need at least 200 responses!

2) I’m also looking for some opinion leaders to answer some interview questions via email. If you run an animal charity, work at a shelter, look after animals, regularly support an animal charity or perhaps adopted a pet from an animal rescue centre I’d love you to get in touch. Just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Thankyou in advance for your help and in the meantime enjoy the rest of my posts!

Animal education

5 Feb

The RSPCA have a great section of their website dedicated to animal education. It aims to provide resources to help teach people about animal welfare and how animals need to be cared for.

There are three main categories of the education section. These are:

  • Teaching resources for schools
  • Youth intervention scheme resources
  • Young people and dogs

The information and resources in this section provide the necessary tools to educate the public, and most  importantly the younger generation, how to treat animals with care and respect. Whether you are a parent, teacher, community group leader, or just want to find out more for yourself, the RSPCA can offer all the information you need to become educated about animals.

You can find the education section here: http://www.rspca.org.uk/education