It’s a dog’s life

5 Jan

As we get back to work after the Christmas break, it’s got me thinking about what our pets get up to while we’re out of the house. If you’re currently reading this while at work with a mischievous pet waiting for you at home then that thought probably makes you a little anxious! Personally I’d love a dog but feel it would be unfair to leave him or her at home while I’m at work all day. I’d like to hear from you guys about how you overcome that hurdle. Do you employ a dog walker or take your dog to ‘doggy day care’? Do you work your hours around your pet so you can pop home in the middle of the day? Maybe you even take your dog to work with you? And when you do have to leave your dog at home for a few hours, how do you keep them calm and entertained until you arrive home?

Let me know your thoughts!

Best wishes


One Response to “It’s a dog’s life”

  1. heretherebespiders January 5, 2016 at 9:28 pm #

    Hi! We both work, and have an American Akita in the house all day. Hubby works a 5-minute walk away, so he is able to come home for lunch to let her out. The rest of the day she is alone with the two cats, all indoors, and there is never a problem. I’m not sure if it is the breed or temperament I choose, but I’ve always had to work away from home, and have had three big dogs in my life that I left alone (with a cat or two) in the house. I do avoid very intelligent breeds! No Alsatians, no Jack Russels, no collie anything. I’d also not have a husky as they hate being confined. I also avoid labs, and I’m unsure about greyhounds (it may be a matter of bad training with the people I know who have them and they misbehave when left alone).
    The other thing I do is I won’t allow a big fuss when I do come home. Everybody needs to be calm! Now if I can train the husband not to walk in the door with a big, “HI EVERYBODY DID YOU MISS ME GOOGOO GOO AWWWWW!” it would be great 🙂

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