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Snake in the grass?

30 Jul

They may not be everyone’s favourite creatures but Britain is home to a number of snakes and the summer months are the time we are most likely to see them. So whether you want to know more about them, or you want to know how to deter them from your garden, the RSPCA have all the information you need.

Check out the following link: It is a good starter guide to identifying common British snakes and dealing with them carefully without injuring them or yourself. It’s well worth a read!


Shocking cases of holiday-makers leaving animals at home

28 Jul

First of all I’d like to apologise for not posting everyday like I usually do. I’m very busy writing my dissertation at the moment but don’t fear, I’m not going anywhere!

And now on to the main issue of the day. The RSPCA are reminding pet owners that it is completely unacceptable to go away on holiday and leave pets behind at home on their own. The charity has become aware of many cases in which holiday-makers have just left their pets with a pile of food to fend for themselves until they get back.

The RSPCA urges pet owners to make arrangements for pets to be taken care of, either with friends/family or an animal boarding house. The summer months are a very busy time for the RSPCA and if pet owners take responsibility for their animals it will help to ease the load considerably.

Here’s to happy, pet-friendly holidays!

PDSA vets save dog which swallowed THREE golf balls

25 Jul

Check out this story from the PDSA about a Doberman called Azar who swallowed THREE golf balls! Azar’s owners took him to the PDSA vets when he suddenly lost weight and became sick. But vets were shocked when the dog’s x-rays showed three golf balls lodged inside him.

Azar needed emergency surgery because two golf balls had moved into his small intestine. He faced a risky operation but without this he could’ve died.
Luckily though vets at PDSA came to the rescue and the surgery went well. Azar has now made a full recovery, but his owners are keeping a very close eye on him!

You can read the full story here:

RSPCA step up live export campaign

23 Jul

With the recent high temperatures, the RSPCA have stepped up their campaign to get inspectors into Dover Port to check the welfare of animals being exported. Since the live export moved from Ramsgate to Dover, the RSPCA has been refused entry to check welfare standards, and there is a great chance that animals are suffering behind closed doors.

Welfare checks are even more crucial in hot weather. Hundreds of animals are often squashed together in high temperatures with little room to move. The RSPCA has discovered in the past that some lorries have little ventilation and no available drinking water, therefore it is vital that inspectors can gain access to check on the animals.

You can help the RSPCA in their campaign to monitor the live export trade by signing their official petition here:

Let’s help stop the suffering of these animals!

Introducing Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care

21 Jul

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care is a small rabbit-dedicated charity in Glasgow which finds new homes for abandoned and neglected rabbits. They made the final stages of this year’s PetPlan and ADCH Animal Charity Awards for the animal charity team of the year category and they do some amazing work. I’m actually using them as a case study for my dissertation which looks at the media and PR strategies used by different animal charities. Why not take a look at their website and see for yourself the good work they get up to…

RSPCA prepare for ‘Black Saturday’

19 Jul

Tomorrow, Saturday 20th July, has been named ‘Black Saturday’ as it is known as the busiest day of the entire year for the RSPCA’s emergency helpline. A call is expected every eight seconds! That is a lot of work for the RSPCA team to deal with!

To help ease the pressure, the animal charity has suggested a few ways which the public can help this Black Saturday:

1. To report a dog trapped in a hot car, call 999. The RSPCA do not have the legal rights to break into a car, so the police need to be there anyway.

2. Check out the RSPCA website or other animal websites if you just have a general question about animal care.

3. Take injured wildlife to your local vet if possible. This is probably the quickest way to get the wildlife the help they need and vets are compensated for their work.

4. If it is an emergency, wait patiently on the emergency line until an advisor is free to take your call. It is worth a little wait to save an animal’s life!

5. Don’t block the emergency line with time-wasting calls, and show some respect for the emergency line advisors who work extremely hard in a pressured environment!

The RSPCA are doing a fantastic job helping animals. Let’s help them through their busiest day!

Keep your horse healthy and happy during hot weather

17 Jul

Hot days over the summer months can affect any animal and it can be hard work for owners to keep their animals happy and healthy. Today it’s all about horses and I want to share this really helpful link from horse It suggests ten common sense ways to look after horses in hot weather.

Tips include being aware of the symptoms of heat exhaustion, scheduling rides at the coolest time of day and keeping insects at bay with repellent spray. It’s well worth a read for anyone with an interest in horses:

Whatever you do, take care in the sun!