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PDSA celebrate National Volunteers’ Week

31 May

Animal charity PDSA are celebrating National Volunteers’ Week which starts tomorrow (1st June) and runs until 7th June! It’s all about celebrating the amazing volunteers who give up their precious time to help charities continue their important work. PDSA are hosting events and parties around the UK to say a big thankyou to their 5200 volunteers.

But as well as acknowledging their existing volunteers, National Volunteers’ Week is also about encouraging new faces to get involved. There are all sorts of different roles available to volunteers, from working in a charity shop to joining a fundraising group. The PDSA couldn’t do what they do without the support of their volunteers! So if you think you might be interested in volunteering for a good cause, check out the PDSA website here:

National Volunteers’ Week is the perfect chance to get involved!


The Young Photographer Awards 2013 open for entries!

30 May

This week the RSPCA launched this year’s Young Photographer Award competition and any young people out there who love both animals and photography should be very excited! This is a chance for young people under the age of 19 to showcase their photographic talents by capturing shots of animals. Snaps of domestic pets, wildlife, exotic animals or even insects are all welcome!

And there are great prizes to be won too! The overall winner will enjoy a three-day photography break, with Olympus camera goodies also up for grabs. Entries must be in by Monday 26th August so there is plenty of time to capture that perfect shot.

You can find full details of the competition here: including last year’s winning entries. If you know anyone who might be interested, please share the word!

Good luck!


29 May

Take a peek at the Meow! blog from feline charity, Cats Protection. The blog is updated regularly with the latest cats and kittens rescued by the charity, and features some absolutely adorable little characters!

The latest post features a mother and her six kittens which were taken to the Bridgend Adoption Centre in South Wales after being found near a prison. The little cuties were named Christie, Jessica, Marple, Morse, Kojak and Sherlock- all following the theme of famous detectives. You can check out a super-cute photo of them on the blog right here:

It’s well-worth a look!

Don’t leave dogs in hot cars!

28 May

As the summer months finally get underway, temperatures are starting to heat up. Although on a cool, rainy day like today this may not seem relevant, it is really important that dog owners are aware of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars.

The temperature inside a car is considerably higher than outside, and even leaving a window open or putting up a sun shield may not be enough to prevent your dog suffering greatly. Dogs pant in order to keep themselves cool so in a hot, stuffy car they struggle to cool down.

The best thing to do is think about where you are going before leaving the house. If you are taking a journey to somewhere which doesn’t allow dogs, it’s best to leave your dog safe at home or with a neighbour, rather than leaving them stuck in a hot car. If you tie your dog up outside make sure he or she is in a shady spot out of direct sunlight. You should also try to carry a bottle of water and a water bowl with you to re-hydrate your dog during the day.

Remember, dogs die in hot cars. So don’t leave them there!

PDSA dish out good advice online

27 May

Let’s face it, the PDSA know their stuff about animals. They are experts in pet healthcare and the perfect place to go when you need advice. So today I’m introducing you to part of the PDSA website which has all sorts of really useful stuff whether you have a dog, cat, or any other pet for that matter.

The following link: takes you to all the downloadable leaflets which look at a range of topics to help owners keep their pets healthy and happy. Topics include:

  • Dog training
  • Vaccinations
  • Pet first aid
  • Pet insurance
  • Fireworks
  • and much more!

So take a look if you get the chance because you might just find some very helpful advice!

Watch out for hedgehogs!

26 May

Recently I’ve heard a lot of animal charities and welfare organisations warning gardeners to watch out for hedgehogs when working in the garden. There have been lots of cases of hedgehogs being injured or even killed by lawnmowers and strimmers as the weather gets warmer and people start cutting their grass regularly.

And it’s not just hedgehogs that are at risk. Birds, frogs and toads are just a few other species which may be hiding in the grass, especially areas where the grass has grown particularly long. So please take care and check garden areas before starting work. You could save a little life!

Blue Cross finds new home for dumped kitten Bernard

25 May

Another heart-warming story from the Blue Cross this week. Bernard the kitten, who was dumped in a box in south London, has found a new home! He was taken to the Victoria animal hospital by a member of the public who found him abandoned on his own. When he was well enough he was taken to the Tiverton rehoming centre to find a new home. It is such great news that this new home has become a reality, and Bernard can enjoy being part of a loving family again!

I wish Bernard and his new family every happiness!