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Hairless rat Blossom rescued by Blue Cross

30 Apr

Now I know rats aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I must admit that Blossom, a hairless pet rat rescued by Blue Cross, has won a little place in my heart! Blossom was taken to the Blue Cross centre in Burford, Oxfordshire, after she was found dumped in her cage next to a bin in an alleyway.

Hairless rats like blossom are called sphinx rats and are specially bred. They may look a little strange at first but like most small rodents they can make great pets. Blossom’s tiny ears and nose are enough to make anyone fall in love with her! Take a look at her here and you’ll see what I mean:

She’s now looking for a new home and I hope she finds someone who will love her for the rest of her days. Every animal deserves a happy home!


Paul O’Grady’s ‘For the Love of Dogs’ is back!

29 Apr

It was very exciting to read today that Paul O’Grady will soon be back on ITV1 with a second series of ‘For the Love of Dogs’! If you haven’t seen the show before, it’s all about TV favourite Paul following the highs and lows of the dogs at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. I absolutely loved the last series; there were a few tears but lots of smiles too!

From a chihuahua with an anger problem to a litter of adorable newborn puppies, we met a real mix of canine personalities last time. I can’t wait to see what this series has got in store for us!

It kicks off on Thursday 9th May at 8.30pm on ITV1 so put it in your diary! Don’t miss it!

Be Happy!

28 Apr

Today I came across this inspiring quote:

Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”-Marcus Aurelius

It made me smile because it’s a reminder that we don’t need lots of materialistic possessions to be happy. Happiness is a positive state of mind and often it’s the small things that make us content, like our family, friends and of course our pets. So next time you’re feeling a little down, remember you don’t need money and riches to make you happy. A positive outlook and your loyal animal companion is all you really need.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Rescued foal arrives at Redwings

27 Apr

Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk received a very cute new arrival this week. A tiny foal was rescued from the River Lea in Essex with help from the RSPCA and the London Fire Brigade. He had to be treated for hypothermia and was shaking so much with cold that he was given the name ‘Shaking Stephen’. He was taken to Redwings to be hand-reared after failing to take to a surrogate mother at a veterinary surgery.

It is sad that such a cute little creature was left to fend for himself, but he is very lucky to have been rescued by such a great team. I’m sure he’ll receive all the care and attention he needs at Redwings to grow into a strong young horse!

Take a look at Redwing’s website to read more about Shaking Stephen and see some super cute photos of his arrival:

Rare seabird released after chemical trauma

26 Apr

It is lovely to hear that a rare bird has been released back into his sea environment after he became covered in the substance polyisobutene or PIB. The Arctic skua was among 200 birds which were rescued from Exeter beach and taken to the RSPCA’s West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Somerset to recover. This particular rare bird made a speedy recovery and was the first to be released back to sea in Dorset.

PIB has been responsible for killing huge numbers of birds along the southern coastline this year. Birds become coated in the substance making them unable to move around or find food. It is shocking that PIB is still being dumped in the sea when it obviously has such horrendous consequences for seabirds. I am therefore very pleased that some of these birds are well enough to return to their natural environment.

Fingers crossed that the Arctic skua and his fellow feathered friends manage to avoid any more incidents, and I hope they enjoy their new freedom along the coastline where they belong.

Marley: The Doberman who eats anything and everything

25 Apr

I just came across a story on the PDSA website this morning about a Doberman called Marley who has an appetite for all sorts of things that dogs shouldn’t really eat. Marley needed emergency surgery last year after he became very ill and vets suspected something was stuck in his intestines. During the operation they found five socks which the hungry hound had devoured!

Marley has also undergone surgery after eating dog toys which had become dangerously lodged in his stomach and intestines. It appears that everything is on the menu for this dog; but his owners aren’t taking any more risks after Marley’s past antics. All toys have been banned from the house, as well as anything else Marley might fancy a bite of. Only time will tell if Marley can keep that appetite of his under control!

Read his full story here on the PDSA website:

World Day for Laboratory Animals

24 Apr

As today is World Day for Laboratory Animals it’s the perfect time to talk about the suffering of animals in laboratory experiments. After recent allegations of animal cruelty in laboratories at Imperial College London, the issue of testing on animals has become even more concerning. If these scientific experiments are taking place e.g. for medical testing, the very least that scientists and the Government should do is minimise the suffering of these animals. But this is not happening, and each year thousands of animals are suffering extreme pain and discomfort.

The RSPCA are calling for an independent inquiry into the allegations concerning Imperial College London, and a clarification of the rules and controls which exist to minimise the suffering of laboratory animals. We are supposed to be an animal-loving nation, yet this horrendous treatment of living creatures is going on all around us. This World Day for Laboratory Animals is the perfect day to raise awareness of this issue and start supporting a move towards helping these poor creatures.

You can show your support by taking a look at the RSPCA’s campaign- ‘RSPCA joins call for independent inquiry into lab animal suffering’ and signing the petition here:

Let’s not let this inhumane cruelty continue!