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Happy Easter!

28 Mar

Well Easter is almost here so I’d like to wish you all a lovely long weekend! I’m enjoying a little Easter break myself but I’ll be back with a new blog post very soon! Until then enjoy indulging in lots of chocolate but remember it’s toxic to dogs so keep it well away from little paws.

For now, I leave you with a delightful story about the lambs at Hall Hill Farm in County Durham which have been given special little jumpers to keep them warm through this cold weather. They look adorable in their cute knitted jumpers, and this farm is actually quite close to where I live so I’m hoping I might get to see for myself sometime soon.

Check it out here:

Happy Easter everyone!!


‘Fat Horse Slim’

27 Mar

Some of my recent posts have looked at pet obesity, mainly in domestic pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits. However I’ve just come across the ‘Fat Horse Slim’ project from the Blue Cross so today it’s all about overweight horses!

The project deals with the fact that many owners aren’t actually sure whether or not their horse is a healthy weight. In some cases there may be an obvious weight problem, but it is not uncommon for owners to be unclear when it comes to measurements. The ideal weight for a horse obviously depends on a number of factors such as breed, height and age, so there is no clear cut figure to apply to all horses.

This is where the ‘Fat Horse Slim’ guide comes in. It helps owners to assess their horse via ‘body scoring’, which is an accurate weighing method  suitable for any type of horse. This will help you to identify whether your horse is a healthy weight, overweight or obese.

It’s really important to keep your horse at a healthy weight to avoid health problems and this is a simple way to do it! Check out the guide here:

(Always remember to consult a vet if you have any questions about your horse’s health or well-being.)

‘Take your pet to work’ days?

26 Mar

I love this article from about the increasing trend of workers bringing their pets to work with them. It has been suggested that offices which allow workers to bring in their pets enjoy increased morale and creativity, as well as less absence.

I don’t know about you but I can’t think of anything better than working in an office full of furry friends! Not sure how much work would get done though!

Take a look at the article here:

Rare baby rhino born at Chester Zoo

25 Mar

Staff at Chester Zoo are celebrating the birth of a rare black baby rhino. The rhino is the second black rhino calf to be born in just a few months, and this is great news as the numbers of this species have become extremely low.

It is estimated that 95% of all wild rhinos have now been killed as poachers target them to use for medicine. Despite there being no proven medicinal benefits of rhino horn, poachers continue to make a lot of money from dead rhinos. Chester Zoo’s Black Rhino Project is therefore very important, and since the project began the population of this species has slowly increased by around 6% per year.

It’s great to hear about this new arrival at Chester Zoo and hopefully there will be more baby rhinos on their way soon!

You can read more about the baby rhino here:

Easter goodies from the RSPCA!

23 Mar

Check out the RSPCA’s range of Easter goodies! A donkey egg cup, cuddly lamb soft toy and chocolate bunnies are just some of the treats you can buy from the charity’s gift shop this year. And most importantly of all, you will be helping the RSPCA’s brilliant work with animals at the same time!

Check it out here:

Order now to receive your gifts in time for Easter!

Rabbits are for life, not just for Easter

22 Mar

As Easter is just around the corner here is a little reminder that rabbits are for life, not just for the holidays. It has become increasingly popular to buy a pet rabbit for a child as an Easter gift, without considering the responsibility which is involved. Rabbits are a serious commitment and they can live for many years, so deciding to bring one into the family should be a well-informed decision, not an Easter-based whim. Every year hundreds of rabbits are abandoned and neglected after the novelty of owning a pet wears off. So please don’t give real animals as Easter gifts. Only own a pet if you are prepared to care for it for the rest of its life, and always consider adopting from a rescue centre first.

Choose chocolate bunnies this Easter, not real ones!

RSPCA inspectors climb Kilimanjaro

19 Mar

A great story from the RSPCA this week- a team of 15 inspectors have raised £67,000 by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! The team climbed the 19,341ft high mountain in 7 days which is an amazing achievement.

The money raised will be shared between the individual regions where the inspectors work, and the main inspectors’ fund for the RSPCA’s key projects. This is a welcome influx of cash as the RSPCA constantly struggle to fund their invaluable work.

Great work guys!