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Owner remortgages house to find lost dog

31 Jan

I came across this incredible story today about a woman who remortgaged her house in order to fund a reward to offer anyone who could help find her much-loved pet dog, Angel. The German short-haired pointer was stolen from her owner in a car park on returning from a walk, and driven away in a white transit van.

Angel’s owner, Mrs Maw,  has taken out an extra £7,000 on the mortgage of her house in order to find her pet. She is offering a £10,000 reward which is the largest known amount ever offered as a reward for a pet. She has also spent thousands of pounds on a Pet Detective agency, posters, business cards, and set up a Facebook page.

Angel has been missing since 6th December so let’s hope she is found really soon!

You can read the full story here:


The Big Garden Birdwatch

30 Jan

Did any of you guys take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch on the 26th and 27th January? If you did I hope you got to see a good variety of different species in your garden! It’s a great way for the RSPB to keep track of the bird population here in the UK. Remember you can still submit your results online up until 15th February 2013. And if you didn’t take part then there is always next year to get involved!

Keep checking the RSPB’s website to stay up-to-date with the findings from their research and surveys. You can find it here:

Support for RSPCA at Westminster debate

29 Jan

A debate at Westminster Hall today confirmed that politicians from various parties support the work of the RSPCA. The debate was sponsored by Simon Hart MP, the former chief executive of the Countryside Alliance which campaigns for the return of blood sports; and it aimed to challenge the role of the RSPCA in private prosecutions of those guilty of animal cruelty.

However the RSPCA received great support from a number of politicians including Cheryl Gillan MP for Chesham and Amersham who said: “I am second to none in my admiration for the RSPCA.”

It is great to hear that the RSPCA has political support to continue their highly important work which helps thousands of animals each year. Long may their work continue!

Another Antifreeze Warning

28 Jan

A little while ago I wrote about the dangers of antifreeze to pets and how to minimise the risk of antifreeze poisoning. Since then the RSPCA have released a further warning as five cats suffered antifreeze poisoning on the same road in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Two of the cats died, one had to be put to sleep, and the other two needed treatment for kidney damage. The RSPCA say either someone has been careless with antifreeze or has poured it out to deliberately harm local cats.

This is a strong reminder to be extra careful with your pets this winter. Watch out for early symptoms of antifreeze poisoning such as tongue ulcers and excessive drooling, and take your pet to the vet immediately if you are concerned. Take a look back at my post from 18th January for more advice about avoiding antifreeze poisoning!

RSPCA guide to exotic pets

27 Jan

If you are interested in keeping exotic pets, or own one already, the RSPCA website has some really useful information. Do you need some help with Giant African Snails? Got a problem with your Corn Snake? Or just want to know more about Bearded Dragons? Well check out the following link for all sorts of exotic pet advice:

Microchip sees dog safely returned to owners

26 Jan

It’s always great to hear a story with a happy ending and this one is all thanks to microchipping. An elderly border terrier named Tosh was stolen from his owners in Wales and dumped in a stream in a plastic bag. Tosh was discovered by a rambler who took him to a veterinary practice. As Tosh had been microchipped, his owners Mr and Mrs Green were able to be traced and reunited with their beloved pet.

Without that microchip Tosh may never have been returned to his owners. Microchipping is a really important part of keeping your dog safe so if your dog doesn’t have one, please look into it straight away!

You can read the full story about Tosh here:

PDSA appeal for donations

25 Jan

The PDSA has made an urgent appeal for donations of stock to sell in its charity shops. Donations have fallen by 20% compared to this time last year, and new stock is desparately needed to bring in new funds to help sick and injured animals. The recent bad weather and the recession have hit charity shops hard, so they need all the help they can get!

There are 180 shops across the country so if you live near one please give what you can. Clothing, shoes and handbags are great items to donate. Take a look at the appeal page here and get donating: