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Happy Christmas everyone!

23 Dec

Well as Christmas is almost here I’d like to wish you all a very happy Christmas! I hope you and your pets all have a lovely day and may all your wishes come true!

Thankyou for reading my blog over the past months and please keep coming back for your daily fix of animal news and stories. I’ll be taking a few days off from blogging over Christmas but don’t worry my next post will be here before you can say ‘Merry Christmas’!

Have a great time everyone and thankyou once again!


High number of pets abandoned this Christmas

22 Dec

A sad report from the RSPCA this week shows that hundreds of animals have already been abandoned this December throughout England and Wales. Figures show that more than 350 animals have had to be rescued in the first part of December which is considerably more than previous years.

There are a number of reasons why pets are abandoned at Christmas time. Money can be a key factor as recession-hit owners look for ways to save money after spending their cash on Christmas. As pets can be expensive, they can often be first to go. Many pets are also abandoned as their owners become bored and seek new pets for Christmas presents; a factor which is especially common in families with children.

Please remember that pets are for life, and should not be abandoned when times get tough. Let’s hope no more pets are abandoned this Christmas!

RSPCA Podcasts

21 Dec

Take a look at the RSPCA’s podcast page where you can find out about all the latest animal welfare issues. Their All About Animals podcast is released monthly and aims to give listeners an insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes of the RSPCA.

Recent podcast topics include choosing eggs from cage-free hens, a day in the life of a RSPCA inspector, and a farewell to long-serving Harmsworth Animal Hospital vet David Grant.

If you’re interested in animals, the RSPCA podcast is a must-listen!

Check out the latest episodes here:

A Christmas Treat

20 Dec

A festive treat for you all today courtesy of YouTube! Enjoy this animal version of ’12 Days of Christmas’…

Dog devours Christmas fairy lights

19 Dec

I just read an interesting story from the PDSA about a dog which had to have life-saving surgery after eating a set of Christmas fairy lights! Charlie, a cross-breed from Southampton was taken to a PDSA PetAid hospital for x-rays which revealed the problem that may have proved fatal if not removed immediately.

Veterinary Surgeon, Sophie Bell, said she’d never seen a case like it before, and also found a shoelace while operating to remove the lights. Fortunately, Charlie made a full recovery after his ordeal, however, the PDSA are encouraging owners to be extra careful this Christmas. Take care not to leave anything lying around that pets can chew or swallow completely. Fairy lights and tree decorations may look like a playful treat to pets, so don’t leave them within easy reach!

You can read Charlie’s full story here:

Landmark fox hunting prosecution

18 Dec

This week has been a landmark for animal welfare after the first ever successful prosecution of a traditional hunt. The Heythrop Hunt pleaded guilty to four charges of intentional fox hunting using dogs. The prosecution was brought about using footage of foxes being deliberately chased by dogs, which is illegal under the Hunting Act.

The RSPCA have pointed out that if people didn’t take part in this illegal activity, they would be able to spend their money where it is really needed, rather than paying for expensive court proceedings. It is crucial that illegal fox hunting is stamped out as soon as possible; to stop the cruel suffering of foxes and to allow the RSPCA to spend their resources where they are needed most. Hopefully this prosecution case will make illegal hunters think twice before committing this crime.

You can read more about the case here:

If animals were obese…

17 Dec

I came across a rather amusing article on the Daily Mail website today which was published back in July and I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s based on the idea that obesity is becoming a huge problem for the human population while it is not a problem for wild animals as they live by the ‘survival of the fittest’ rule.

The article presents a startling series of photographs showing what different species of animals would look like if they became obese. Take a look at the obese giraffe! Hopefully we will never have to witness animals looking as unhealthy as the ones in these pictures!

You can see for yourself here: