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Adoption centre opened in Pets At Home store

30 Nov

I came across a really interesting idea this week on the RSPCA website. The animal charity has teamed up with Pets at Home to create an in-store adoption centre. The store in Stockport is the first one of its kind and will hopefully provide a great opportunity for homeless and neglected animals to find new homes. The adoption centre has a living room style area where customers can talk to experts about adoption and meet pets in relaxed surroundings.

The centre can accomodate up to four cats and four rabbits, while dogs are brought in at weekends. Another three in-store adoption centres are being planned across England and Wales, and I think it’s a brilliant idea. It may encourage people to adopt a rescue animal rather than going to a pet shop or breeder. At the same time, Pets at Home can supply new owners with everything they need for their new rescue pet, therefore everyone is getting something out of the scheme.

If the idea goes well we may see many more in-store adoption centres popping up across the country, and with rescue shelters stretched to their limit it can only be a good thing!


Top Christmas presents for pets

29 Nov

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d share this link from house to home which has some great ideas to help you choose an extra special present for your pet. There’s everything from a pet photoshoot to a Barbour quilted dog coat so even the fussiest of pets won’t be disppointed! Better still, most of the gifts are available in high street stores such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Debenhams.

Take a look here:

Create a wildlife garden

28 Nov

I recently came across a lovely feature on the British Hedgehog Preservation Society website which tells you everything you need to know in order to turn your garden into a haven for wildlife. There is an interesting selection of ideas to try which will encourage wildlife species such as hedgehogs, birds, bats, frogs and toads into your garden.

By creating a wildlife garden you are providing a reliable habitat for the winter months and a secure place for creatures to raise their offspring. In return the wildlife will keep numbers of garden pests under control.

Some of the ideas include creating a log pile, compost heap, nesting boxes, a garden pond, or replacing fences with hedges. Take a look for yourself and have a go at creating your very own wildlife garden:

Good advice from the RSPB

27 Nov

The RSPB website has lots of good information about how to help birds visiting your garden or local area.

The following link: has all the advice you need on a range of topics including water, food, nestboxes and baby birds. There is also information about the dangers of windows, and a note about the importance of roofs and ledges to birds such as starlings and swifts.

Whether you’re a bit of a bird expert or a complete beginner looking for ways to help birds during the cold winter months, the RSPB’s advice is definately worth a look!

Circus owner found guilty of elephant abuse

26 Nov

You may have heard reports over the weekend of a circus owner being found guilty of abusing an elephant in Northamptonshire. Bobby Roberts, 69, of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to 58-year old elephant Anne, and failing to meet her basic requirements of care. He was given a conditional discharge, while his wife was acquitted.

The case was brought about when Animal welfare group Animal Defenders International (ADI) released secretly filmed footage of the elephant being kicked and hit with a pitchfork by a groom at the circus. The groom in question is thought to have moved back to Romania.

This is a shocking story of the neglect and abuse which is becoming increasingly common. You can support the RSPCA’s campaign ‘Circuses are no fun for animals’ and help to stop the cruelty which goes on behind the scenes. Animals deserve better!

Check it out here:

PDSA open new hospital in Plymouth

25 Nov

The PDSA have recently opened a new animal hospital in Plymouth, which will provide free veterinary treatment for animals whose owners cannot afford vet bills. The new facility replaces the old PDSA PetAid hospital in Durnford Street, Stonehouse which didn’t have adequate facilities to cope with the numbers of animals needing treatment.

The new hospital which has been named The Gwen Rees Centre, was opened by PDSA chairman Michael Bolton. The centre was named in recognition of a major donation from Devon-based Gwen Rees Will Trust for Animal Welfare, without which the venture may not have been possible.

It is great to see the result of a project which began raising funds back in 2010. Hopefully the hospital will help a significant number of pets over the coming years!

You can read more about the new PDSA centre here:

Kittens survive wheelie bin ordeal

24 Nov

There is an incredible story on the Cats Protection website about 3 kittens which survived despite being dumped in a wheelie bin of rubbish, emptied into a refuse truck, and then dumped amongst a pile of rubbish at a landfill site. Luckily the kittens were spotted by staff at the site in Ipswich who contacted the local branch of the Cats Protection charity.

The five-week-old kittens have been named Scrappy, Dusty and Rusty; and are making a speedy recovery after their terrifying ordeal. It’s great to hear they are doing well, but it is difficult to understand how anyone could abandon 3 adorable kittens in a bin in the first place! Thankgoodness they were spotted before they came to any real harm.

You can read the full story on the Cats Protection website here: